About Us


Our Legitimacy

Clear Vision for Change [CIVISCE] is a non-profit organisation registered under the NGO Act No 24 of 2002 of the United Rep. Tanzania, with registration number: 00NGO/00008136. It is headquartered in Kigoma Ujiji Municipality, Kigoma region.

Our History

The organization is a result of the vision of a young feminist who undertook a rigorous gendered study in rural context in Tanzania. The cutting edge of the study led to the creation of strong women’s organizations addressing inequality and protecting and defending women’s and girls’ rights. With support from other feminists, there was an establishment of a women’s movement aiming at empowering women economically and socially while contributing to obliterating the root causes of GBV and paving the way for an ideal community in which women and girls have a safe platform to voice out for their rights which are denied to them due to culturally grounded norms.



We envision an ideal community in which women and girls have the resources, voice and access to reproductive health rights and attainment of equal gender rights.


The mission of CIVISCE lies in the provision of support to women and girls to strengthen their locally based movements to realize dreamed positive changes in the community and in the social policy arena.


At CIVISCE, we are driven by the doctrine of client service. All our endeavours and dedication are oriented towards attaining positive and sustainable change for the social group we serve. Our work is anchored on values We are committed to socially and economically marginalized women; we believe working in partnership to achieve greater results, we are accountable to our stakeholders, and we believe all human beings have dignity and equal right regardless of their geographical boundaries and socio-economic status. We value all ideas and regard them as significant contributions while encouraging all employees CoinPal and community members to share their innovative and inspiring ideas. We have no veils at CIVISCE and everyone is reachable starting from juniors to seniors. Our organizational walk is guided by available policies, principles and workplace ethical standards.


Structurally, CIVISCE has a general assembly which is the supreme organ of the organisation. Below the general assembly there is a Board of governance encompassing members elected by the assembly general to oversee the overall work of the organisation. Following the Board of governance, there is an executive staff composed of the Executive director, the program manager, the finance manager and program officers who are assisted with project officers to carry out daily activities in lign with the mission of the organisation.