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GBV Prevention and Economic Empowerment

We believe that equality between men and women or girls and boys can be achieved through empowering disadvantaged women and girls. There is a need to promote economically and socially marginalized women and girls in both rural and urban areas. We believe that positive social change requires a resolute focus on equality and inclusion – and needs to explicitly address discrimination and barriers based on gender, class, ethnicity, sexual identity, disability, and other markers of exclusion.

CIVISCE focuses on transforming systems in health, education, and economic opportunity, resulting in improved outcomes for millions of young women and girls. We envisage a world where all women, men, and children can reach their full potential irrespective of the circumstances of their birth. this is possible if we work to address “gender systems” – the underlying norms, laws, traditional practices, sanctions, and decision-making processes that lead to systematic barriers and persistent discrimination against women and girls – as well as create opportunities and supports for women and girls to exercise leadership, voice, agency, and power.

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